SF Nightlife Business Handbook

Photograph © Boris Berenberg 2013 – http://roar.pm

In order to successfully operate a nightlife business in San Francisco, you’ll need to develop a sound business plan, find an appropriate location and acquire permits from a number of government agencies. This handbook was developed by the Office of Economic and Workforce Development to assist you as you navigate this complicated process.

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The San Francisco Nightlife Business Handbook

I. The Importance of Nightlife Businesses in SF

II. How to Use This Manual

III. Starting a Nightlife Business in SF

IV. Getting Your Permits

V. Running a Successful Nightlife Business

VI. Addressing Noise

VII. Contacts and Resources

This material in this handbook is intended as informal technical guidance for general informational purposes. It is not intended to constitute legal advice and is provided one an “as is” basis without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. The City and County of San Francisco assumes no responsibility for anyone’s use of this information. Read this disclaimer for more information.

While OEWD is trying to keep all of the information in this manual current, you should contact any relevant department or agency to confirm the specific requirements that apply to your business. To find contact information for every department discussed in this handbook, please see the Contacts & Resources section.