Encouraging Compatibility between Entertainment Venues and New Residential Developments

With the passage of new legislation in May 2015, San Francisco has become the first city in the United States to adopt protections designed to help entertainment venues located near new residential developments.

Among other provisions, the new ordinance encourages compatibility between entertainment venues and new residents by:

  • Authorizing the San Francisco Entertainment Commission to hold a hearing on any proposed residential development located near a Place of Entertainment and empowering the Commission to provide written comments and recommendations to the Planning Department and Department of Building Inspection about any noise issues related to the proposed project. These hearings will foster productive dialogue between venues and developers at the beginning of the residential development process.
  • Requiring lessors and sellers of residential property near Places of Entertainment to disclose to new lessees and purchasers the potential for noise and other inconveniences potentially associated with nearby venues.
  • Establishing that no Place of Entertainment located near a new residential development shall be a public or private nuisance on the basis of noise if the venue operates in compliance with its permits and appropriate laws.

For more information about the new law’s requirements, read a PDF copy of the legislation.

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